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Spring Conditioning Clinics

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New Jersey Guardians

First & foremost for the fun of hockey and the love of the game. Striving for unequaled quality in both coaches and players that promote an exciting experience for players and their families. Through competition, teamwork  and sportsmanship; the Guardians hockey club drives the development of the individuals as hockey players, friends, and members of the community. The NJ Guardians philosophy is that competition challenges players to be their best. This ideology is constructed by pairing skilled players with others of similar skills. This creates a fast-paced, challenging environment on and off the ice, where players are able to learn more about teamwork and the game of hockey. Our coaches are teaching a team of players who can all execute and understand at the same level. Always with our pillars of integrity, development, and success in mind, our coaches stress skill and systems development, play making, teamwork and on-ice situational awareness.

    For More Information CONTACT US

    For More Information CONTACT US

    NJ Guardians

    Phone: 732-477-4411

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